During some of his wilder moments, Harry, 34, might have been wise to pause for a moment's meditation.

Now it seems he's embraced a hobby once primarily associated with Buddhist monks. Meditation, of course, has had a millennial makeover; mindfulness is everywhere — from the classroom to the doctor's surgery.

On a visit to Birkenhead this week, Harry told Buddhist monk Kelsang Sonam — who gave the prince a copy of the Buddhist book Eight Steps To Happiness — that he practises it 'every day'.
本周在去了伯肯黑德以后,哈里王子告诉给他《这八步让你找到幸福》这本书的佛教和尚Kelsang Sonam说,自己每天都有练习冥想。

When Harry adopted it is unclear, but he has been frank about seeking counselling after enduring two years of 'total chaos' while still struggling in his late 20s to come to terms with his mother's death.

In turning to meditation, he is following in the footsteps of his wife, who will doubtless be deploying the techniques she has learned to aid her through the later stages of pregnancy and birth.

Last year, LA-based yoga instructor and meditation teacher Light Watkins said he had spent four days giving Meghan, 37, one-to-one guidance in meditation after meeting her five years ago.
五年前见过梅根,在洛杉矶工作的瑜伽指导兼冥想老师Light Watkins说,去年花了四天的时间,对梅根进行了一对一的冥想指导。

He said she later got back in touch, telling him: 'I'm meditating every day, twice a day — once in the morning for 20 minutes, once in the afternoon. It's wonderful.'Perhaps Meghan shares Watkins' advice with Harry. The instructor, who trained in India in 2007, sends a daily email to his students to inspire them.