The Cranberries have released the lead single from their last ever album - on the one year anniversary of lead singer Dolores O'Riordan's death.

Dolores - who died on January 15 2018, aged 46 - had recorded her vocals for 11 demo tracks intended to feature on the eighth studio album, during the winter of 2017.

Following Dolores 's untimely death, the band eventually announced the album would still go ahead, using the demos as a foundation, and that it would be the Irish group's last ever record.

The first single was released on Tuesday and called All Over Now, while the album - titled In The End - will drop on April 26.
周二发布的首只单曲名为《All Over Now》(都结束了)。整张专辑则名为《In The End》(最后),将于4月26日发布。

Eileen O'Riordan, Dolores' mother, said of the release: 'I can't think of a more fitting way to commemorate the first anniversary of Dolores' passing and to celebrate her life.'

The Cranberries - who are responsible for hits such as Linger, Dreams, Zombie, Animal Instinct and Just My Imagination - formed in Limerick in 1989.
唱过诸如《Linger》、《Dreams》、《Zombie》、《Animal Instinct》及《Just My Imagination》的小红莓乐队于1989年成立于爱尔兰利默里克。

Seven albums - and 40 million sold - later, the band have insisted that In The End 'is not a valediction, it is a celebration of the life and creative work of Dolores'.
七张专辑,4000万销量——乐队坚持宣称《In The End》并非告别,而是对桃乐丝的生命及创作的赞颂。

Dolores' mother added: 'I miss her awfully, specially today.

'I have no doubt that she is happy now and would be delighted with today's announcement.'