Victoria Beckham has spent £1,200 on a new moisturiser made from her own blood.

The fashion designer, 44, took to her Instagram Stories to reveal she is now using the anti-ageing property by Dr Barbara Sturm, who is well loved by celebrities for her 'vampire facials'.
这位44岁的时装设计师,在她的Instagram故事中透露她现在正在使用Dr Barbara Sturm的抗衰老产品,这个品牌因其“吸血鬼面部护理”而深受名人的喜爱。

While her daughter Harper, 7, got a facial at Barbara's clinic in Germany last week, the Spice Girls singer revealed that her blood had been used to 'create healing factors made by her own cells.'

While she already has glowing skin, which was seen in her selfie, Victoria continued: 'After sleeping in the mask, (which soaks in so doesn't look funny or feel sticky) my skin feels amazing!

'Super hydrated and clear! And very soft!' she enthused.

The treatment is offered from Dr. Babara Sturm, who is well known from endogamous blood therapy, commonly known as 'vampire facials.'
该治疗方法由Dr Babara Sturm提供,这个品牌通过内部血液疗法而闻名,俗称“吸血鬼面部护理”。

During a patient's initial consultation, some of their blood is removed and is fed through a syringe containing metal beads - which tricks the blood into thinking they are wounds.
在顾客的初步咨询期间,他们的一些血液被含有金属珠子的注射器提取 - 这会诱使血液认为它们是伤口。

This step is required to produce the healing proteins IL-1 and TGF-beta.

If used regularly, the moisturiser can lead to reduced inflammation, strengthened tissue and collagen growth.